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Research and Evaluation: correlation between 3 pairs of variables

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Please need help with this. Can you please give few easy examples.

Provide three pairs of variables (three dependent and three independent) that we believe are correlated with one another.

State the reason for believing there is a correlation between the variables and in what direction we believe the correlation would be (positive or negative).

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The solution discusses the differences between dependent and independent variables plus the relationship between them.

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Dependent vs. independent variables.
Independent variables are those that are manipulated whereas dependent variables are only measured or registered. This distinction appears terminologically confusing to many because, as some students say, "all variables depend on something." However, once you get used to this distinction, it becomes indispensable. The terms dependent and independent variable apply mostly to experimental research where some variables are manipulated, and in this sense they are "independent" from the initial reaction patterns, features, intentions, etc. of the subjects. Some other variables are expected to be "dependent" on the manipulation or experimental conditions. That is to say, they ...

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