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Call Center Data & Home Market Data

I need quick help. I bought help for each of these problems on this site but have been unable to get help figuring out why there are no calculations in any of the cells, only numbers. The person who posted it was no help and I needed this today (Sunday 7/21). Additionally, there is no explanation for any of the outcomes, as per the instructions in the questions.

I need someone who can look at these and put the right calculations or formulas into the cells AND explain the outcomes. I just don't understand.

I really need this tomorrow...Monday 7/22 by 8:00p.m. EST.


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Please see the attachments. The solutions provide the step by step method for the calculation in word as well as excel files so that you can understand the concept easily. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact me.

5-1: 1. Call centers typically have high turnover. The director of human resources for a large bank has compiled data on about 70 former employees at one of the bank's call centers in the Excel file Call Center Data. In writing an article about call center working conditions, a reporter has claimed that the average tenure is no more than two years. Formulate and test a hypothesis using these data to determine if this claim can be disputed. Solution Tip: You need to write mathematical test of hypothesis statements and apply the test of hypothesis steps.


The null hypothesis tested is
H0: Mean tenure in call centres ≤ 2 years (µ ≤ 2)
The alternative hypothesis is
H1: Mean tenure in call centres > 2 years (µ > 2)
Significance level = 0.05
Test Statistic used is . Given that = 1.89, n = 70, s = 1.098178502
Therefore, = -0.805992914
Decision rule: ...

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