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    Chi square test in MegaStat

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    Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question: At α = .01, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned?

    Prof. Green's multiple-choice exam had 50 questions with the distribution of correct answers shown below. Research question: At α = .05, can you reject the hypothesis that Green's exam answers came from a uniform population?

    Final exam scores for a sample of 20 students in a managerial accounting class are shown. (a) At α = .05, is there a difference in the population median scores on the two exams? Make an Excel worksheet for your Wilcoxon signed-rank test calculations and check your work by using MegaStat or a similar computer package. (b) Perform a two-tailed parametric t test for paired two-sample means by using Excel or MegaStat.

    Below are grade point averages for 25 randomly chosen university business students during a recent semester. Research question: At α = .01, are the median grade point averages the same for students in these four class levels?

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