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Chi-Square test for Independence with Excel (MegaStat)

See attached files.

Copy and paste Excel output into a Word document, formatting appropriately. "Appropriate" includes formatting to a reasonable and appropriate number of decimals, including a good, descriptive caption for the table and eliminating duplicate labels.

Show all statistics to four decimal places: xx.xxxx

10. Determine if Gender and Training Program are independent. This will require you to produce a "contingency table" where the table entries are counts. For example the "cell" for Male and Program X-30 will be the number of people with those characteristics. A Pivot Table will give the counts most efficiently. Use the full, formal 5-step hypothesis testing model.

Male Female
Program X-30
Program A42
Total 1000

Use may use Megatstat or Excel to do the arithmetic.

The assignment must be presented in a Word document. Copy and paste material from Excel as needed. Clearly state your decision and what it means.


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