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Chi-Square Testing

The following data is taken from a customer satisfaction survey for a food product. Perform a Chi-square test to test the claim of whether a statistically significant relationship exists between the customer's satisfaction level and decision to repurchase the food item again. You may use the manual method of calculation, or show how MegaStat® (or other software) is used to analyze the data. Be sure to discuss the interpretation of results.

Customer Satisfaction Level
Overall Taste

Very Satisfied Nor Very
Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Satisfied Satisfied

Unlikely 120 60 25 15 10
Purchase Undecided 40 40 30 45 55
Decision Likely 10 15 45 70 175

Solution Summary

This solution conducts a statistical analysis on a customer satisfaction survey by providing the null and alternative hypothesis. The chi-square statistic is calculated and compared to the p-value, a final decision is then made to accept or reject the null hypothesis.