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    Age Groups and Internet

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    See attachment for data file.

    Please help me find the following:

    Correct statement of the null and alternative hypothesis in words and symbols
    Correct decision relative to the null hypothesis (F test) - in words
    Correct description and interpretation of the post hoc Tukey T tests

    Use Age as heading independent variable and Internet as dependent variable. The objective is to find out if Internet use is preference for all age groups. Should the test be using age range data or age date only? (And Internet is from scale 0-9)

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    (a) Ho: There is no difference between the average ratings given by the different age groups, that is, μ1 = μ2 = μ3 = μ4 = μ5
    Ha: At least one among μ1, μ2, μ3, μ4 and μ5 is different from the other ...

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