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    One Way ANOVA in SPSS

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    Color.sav data file is attached, but you need spss to open it.

    You are the new Director of store planning and design at Target. You come across an interesting article in the Journal of Consumer Research that suggests that the colors blue, green and yellow evoke positive emotions in consumers and may lead to increased impulse purchases (and thereby raise sales). As director of store planning, you are scheduled to review the store design plans for the next year and have an opportunity to make changes to the interior color of Target stores (which is currently white). This article intrigues you and you decide to test if any of the four different colors results in greater average sales compared to the other colors. In order to test this hypothesis, you have randomly chosen 40 Target stores across the country and divided them into 4 groups. Each group was assigned one of the colors (white, yellow, blue or green) and all stores in the a group were painted with the same color. The sales for each store were then recorded for a period of one month. The data from this experiment are in Color.sav. State the Null and Alternate hypothesis, conduct the appropriate test and report the results. Should you propose a change in store color and if so, which color is preferred?

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