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Social Science Research Proposals Concepts

1. What is the definition of a goal? What is the definition of an objective?
Discuss why they are different.

2. What is the purpose and content of a Sustainability Component?

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About Goals & Objectives

It is easy to sometimes perceive that goals and objectives mean the same. They certainly share similarities in reference and meaning. Goal refers to a purpose or aim by which a particular line of action is directed. An objective can also mean similarly - the target achievement of a particular line of action. The difference is in the fact that goals are much broader than objectives. This is explained, simply by the passage from a 1996 document on the subject by Schuman, Ritchie & Lewis (1996) of San Diego University:

"Goals are broad objectives are narrow.
Goals are general intentions; objectives are precise.
Goals are intangible; objectives are tangible.
Goals are abstract; objectives are concrete.
Goals can't be validated as is; objectives can be validated."

For example, a goal can be 'I hope to finish my college education in time,' and the objectives in corollary to this would be, 'To study and revise regularly, to pass papers on time by managing my ...

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