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    Aspects of cognitive science and behaviorism

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    Skinner was an American behaviorist who conducted extensive research related to the experimental analysis of behavior. Through his research he was able to introduce several concepts related to behavior and self-control. The following solution describes concepts such as: reinforcement, operant conditioning, punishment, and superstitious behavior.

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    Burrhus Frederic Skinner was a renowned psychologist who described 9 self-control methods in his book called Science and Human Behavior. However, his definition of self-control can better be described by the term self-regulation, which involves "the locus of two conflicting contingencies of reinforcement" (Skinner, 1965, p. 203). Reinforcement can be both positive and negative. Positive reinforcement is a gesture or reward that leads to the repetition of favorable behavior, while negative reinforcement is a consequence or reprimand that acts to hinder unfavorable behavior.

    Additional concepts that are important to cognitive science and behaviorism include:

    Operant conditioning: Skinner's operant conditioning is a behavioral model, where receiving ...

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