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Moral Development

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Can you please help me answer the question on Kohlberg's moral development regarding plagiarism, moral development, Christianity, and professionalism. I need at least 400 words with references.

1. What moral compass do you use: Kohlbergâ??s Moral Reasoning, a professional Code of Ethics, or Godâ??s word?
2. What is your trump card?
3. What governs your behavior?
4. What reasons do you give for your choices?
5. Why do you think an Evangelical University has such a huge problem with blatant cheating and plagiarism?
6. What moral code might those students be following?

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The moral compass that I tend to use is God's word, due to the fact that the principles and guidelines contained within God's word are immutable and universal. I tend to believe that God's word is the ultimate authority in making judgments as to the positive or negative nature of given behaviors, which makes it a tremendously useful and effective method in which to judge the morality of given actions.

Due to the fact that God's word serves as my moral compass, it also serves as my trump card. It my opinion, there is no better trump card or reserve strategy than the immutable and universal principles that are contained within God's word. I am of the opinion that eventually all human developed trump cards will fail at ...

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