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    Medical Marijuana

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    Library assignment) Marie J., a 54-year-old woman, has been arrested for possession of marijuana. She states that she has been smoking marijuana for medical reasons; she has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and started using marijuana to help her with the side effects of chemotherapy. Marie states that the other medications doctors prescribed did not help her as effectively as the marijuana and that she would be in a lot of pain and discomfort without it. You will be sitting in on a meeting between the judge and Ms. Verde to consider options for Marie. You decide to do some research and write up some background information to prepare for this meeting. You cover the following issues:

    ---Explain how the U.S. and many state governments categorize controlled substances into Schedules I-V and discuss marijuana's place within that schedule..
    ---What are the current demographics and trends for marijuana usage in the United States..
    ---Is marijuana addictive? Support your answer with research.
    ---Are there scientific studies that support a finding that marijuana usage can have medical benefits? If so, what are those findings?
    ---Do you agree with the classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug?

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