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Interview Summary

I am doing a paper and do not know how to go about this part, it does not need to be lengthy. 200-300 words

Summary of Interview of a Social Service Agency on Their Use of Advocacy

1 Agency or organization and the title of the interviewee
2. The advocacy role this individual plays within the agency
3. The populations served by this agency
4. An advocacy model or template used with each population: Is the advocate speaking on behalf of the client or assisting the client in speaking for him or herself?

Attached is my interview.

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Based on your interview information, let's summarize the information for the four areas. (200-300 words)


1. Summary of interview of a Social Service Agency on their use of advocacy.

The name of the agency and the tile of the interviewee are the Goodyear Police Department and a Forensic Specialist, respectively. The Forensic Specialist reported playing an advocacy ...

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The solution provides a student advice in putting together a summary of an interview (see attachment) in relation to the utilization of advocacy work by a social service agency.