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    Influences on Pop Rock Music

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    In what ways do cultural values about race, gender, sexuality, and class difference shape the pop rock music?

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    The most vivid values occur in the lyrics about gender. During the years of social unrest and change, the lyrics of many songs were protesting, angry, and filled with the feelings and lack of power to change things. Songs and versions of songs were often reflective of the incredible feeling that youth were without the power to change things, but they were going to try. Some called the version of the Star Spangled Banner by Jimmy Hendrix and aberration, but it today stands for those same people who loved it as a symbol of their own value and talent. Change did come in many ways, led by those protests and values of a different type took over. Drug cultures ...

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    The solution discusses the way ethnicity, cultural values, gender, sexuality and class differences affect and shape rock music. Examples are provided in the discussion.