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    Human services topics of interest

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    Can you help me answer these questions on what is the external and internal factors for these three in 300 words?

    Elderly abuse
    Lack of health care

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    All of these issues have been institutionalized by the changes in society created by focusing on more capitalistic programs and less on family issues. The laws, rules, and intent of creating a more business friendly government and society have left those in these categories, those with little representation of any power, to accept this structure.

    Poverty The external issues are as much to do with our perceptions, as a society, of the people caught in the cycle of poverty as with dealing with it. Internally the government has created programs that allow people to make money and expand their wealth through meeting certain criteria. There is no limit on the time for many people to gain help. Internal issues of paperwork, poorly trained workers, ...

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    The solutions provides insight,advice and information on internal and external factors for the following human services concerns: povert, elderly abuse abd lack of health care.