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Contemporary Sociologist Conflict Theory

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What can contemporary sociologist do or recommend to improve the way conflict theory is resolved within our social structures? Also, what can be done to add more value to the conflict perspective? Thoughts/Ideas?

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The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are being asked to reflect on the application of conflict theory. I suggest using this simple outline.

1. About CT - 100 words
2. Social structures use - 100 words
3. Recommendations - 100 words

On Conflict Theory

Conflict theory (CT) is one of the primary sociological perspectives (the other 2 are functionalism and symbolic interactionism). As a means of exploring and studying society, it is simple. It proposes that in society, inequality is a reality between individuals, between groups. Resources, for the most part are under contest (the source of conflict) so that power differentials, class conflict and battle of ideas influence, reinforce and normative social structures, trends and standards. For individuals and groups to gain as much as possible in the conflict of interest and resources, they react and strategize in so many ways and this often puts them at odds with others (both agents and agencies). Conflict theory ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advice in tackling the task (see above) of exploring and discussing conflict theory and its application. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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