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The Social institution of American medicine

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I am having a little difficulties answering the following study question. Can you enlighten me on this issue so hopefully I can understand exactly what they are asking?


Discuss the social institution of American medicine in terms of physicians, nurses, and hospitals.

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According to the perspectives of anthropology and sociology, since the early years of the last century we have witnessed the increased cultural significance of the professions whose members may be considered elites in Western society. Professions imbued with this status include: physicians, lawyers, engineers and architects.

It is out of this socially constructed occupational elitism that your question has been framed and uses health care providers as the terms of reference.

I have attached articles and included the citations for others that are available at ...

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This solution discusses American medicine in the context of nurses, physicians and hospitals. Attachments to journal articles are included to expand on the topic. The text contains 370 words.

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