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Gender Policy in a high school setting

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Develop a two part policy that addresses gender issues at your school or place of employment. Consider the questions: Are boys/men treatment different from girls/women? What are some subtle ways gender stereotypes are supported and maintained? If you ran the place, what would change regarding two of these issues?

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Gender differences in the high school setting. Note that this paper refers to differences in an international private school setting rather than in an American public high school setting. Over 400 words of original text

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There are some ways in our school that boys are treated differently from girls. For example, boys are not allowed to have any visible piercings but girls are allowed to have earrings and one ring in their nose. Boys' hair must be off the collar while girls can wear long hair.
On game days boys are allowed to wear their school uniform and they are also allowed to dress up; meaning black pants, white shirt and black tie. It is primarily the boys' soccer team that has begun this dressing up rather than wearing the team uniform. Some girls have asked if this is fair and if the boys are allowed to ...

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