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    Action Research in the Real World

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    Give an example of how one would use action research in a counselling practice or setting. Then, describe the problem and the rationale for using action research to address it. Be specific and include what you would want to "find" and how you would go about "finding" it.

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    Using Action Research in the Real World

    (1) Give an example of how one would use action research into counseling practice or setting.

    Worell (1993) considered the implications for policy and social action of theory and research relevant to gender in close relationships. Thus, she explores the merger of close relationships and social policy in action research. For instance, she asserts that traditional policy decisions are based on claims of differentiation between the sexes. As Worell further explains, in both research and theory, gender is a multifaceted concept. "Many gender theorists view gender as a process that is fluid through through time and across situations." Consequently, they use these views to describe the behavior of men and women in "gendered" behavioral analyses. (365). Therefore, it is necessary to understand the saliency established in social polices. For instance, according to Worell, all social policy related to close relationships leads to the question of: "what are public and what are private matters?" In counseling practices that concern close relationships, there are private matters that refer to terms such as intimacy, companionship and communication, and ...

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