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    Language Barrier - Issues in Competence

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    language as a cultural competency that needs to be respected and accommodated in the same manner as cultural beliefs and practices.
    Approximately 600 words.

    1. Identify a situation you were involved with where language was a problem.
    2. Describe the situation: who was involved, what was at stake, and what was the outcome?
    3. Identify at least one significant challenge that you faced in this situation. Explain how it was addressed.
    4. Identify at least one of the language errors discussed in this lesson that was involved in the situation. Review the case studies for examples.
    5. Based on what you know now about culture, language and people, what would you change faced with the same scenario today? Incorporate at least 3 concepts discussed in this course, such as gender roles, religion, traditions, and SES, into your answer.
    6. Identify and describe at least 2 resources that you or others could use in a similar situation.

    Cite the references.

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    Language Barriers Q&A

    Language competence is (Manitoba Curriculum Framework Outcome, 2009), "a broad term which includes linguistic or grammatical competence, discourse competence, sociolinguistic or sociocultural competence and what might be called textual competence. The specific learning outcomes under 'Language Competence' deal with knowledge of the language and the ability to use that knowledge to interpret and produce meaningful texts appropriate to the situation in which they are used. Language competence is best developed in the context of activities or tasks where the language is used for real purposes, in other words, in practical applications." Being competent in a language is not just about the ability to read it or to speak it. It is about understanding meaning when in use within context.

    1. Identify a situation you were involved with where language was a problem.
    • I was on holiday in Thailand when I fell ill with food poisoning. When I was at the hospital, not all staff were able to speak English. There was translator but I felt that she was not competent enough to understand my accent and thus she was not able to convey to the doctors that I was in great pain. While they gave me medicine to stabilize my stomach, the pain in my stomach worsened. This led me to contract in pain and was further hospitalized. My diagnosis thus was lacking and the language barrier put me at ...

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