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Culture and Socialization

1. Give some examples of how you used or how subtle positive or negative sanctions have been used on you to influence your behavior.

2. Given the fact there are still "tribes" of Stone Age people in this world, do you feel it is inevitable in terms of the way our world is expanding that they will have their culture "diffused" from the almost certain tons of studies that will be done and the association with other human beings? Will there be a "leveling" of their culture because of this?

3. Describe how emotions, which we generally see as innate, are a result of socialization and so reflect culture.

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1. I am assuming you are supposed to answer this from personal experience. If I were to answer this, I would think about times in my catholic school upbringing when both sorts of sanctions were used to influence my behavior. For example, in the strict school setting I was in, we were not allowed to have sloppy dress. I was given a detention for having my shirt untucked. Somehow that meant I was a rule-breaker or trouble maker. In my mind, it seemed ridiculous, but the school saw it as poor appearance and an offense against God, ...

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