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    Program Evaluation: Telephone Counseling Pilot

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    a 3-paragraph evaluation of Development of a telephone-based intervention for support persons to help smokers quit according to the criteria below (its qualitative)
    • If the study is qualitative:
    • Relate the central question to the strategy of inquiry.
    • Begin with what or how (not why).
    • Focus on a single phenomenon.
    • Use exploratory verbs.
    • Use nondirectional language.
    • Use an open-ended format.
    • Specify the participants and research site.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get me started. In this particular task, you are asking for help in putting together an evaluation of an intervention program. Since this is a 3-paragraph essay, it is best to have a plan. But before that, let us quickly review what your teacher/lecturer wants to see:
    1. Single phenomenon - you need to focus on one event/experience that is observable in the material
    2. Exploratory verbs - these are verbs like understand, learn, discover, describe and report
    3. Non-directional language - language or words, typically verbs that name the action but does not provide any other information, i.e. love, remember, know, understand, think, explain, summarize, etc.
    4. Open-ended format - when it comes to questions, open-ended ones allow for more than one word answers. An example is - "What was your day like?" The answer could be just one word, i.e., "Nice" but this can be elaborated to - "It was nice. I had a great time in school and my friends were very supportive. At home mom baked my favorite cake..."

    Having clarified that, my suggestion for your 3 paragraph evaluation is as follows:
    1. about the study and the phenomenon - 150 words
    2. Research Questions of the study and evaluative questions about the study - 150 words
    3. Answers to #2 and findings - 450 words

    This outline should yield 450 words which should cover what you need. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    Development Evaluation - Telephone-based Intervention

    Patten, C., Petersen, L., Brockman, T., Gerber,T., Offord, K., Ebbert, J., Hughes, C., Decker, P., Beddow, C., Pyan, K., Quigg, S. & Boness, J. (2008). "Development of a telephone-based intervention for support persons to help smokers quit," from Psychology, Health & Medicine,
    January Issue, Vol.13 No.1, pp. 17 - 28. Routledge.

    This particular study looks into the development of a systematic behavioral treatment ...

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