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    Family Life Cycle

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    Please help me find a web site for a healthcare facility/organization/service and determine which of the 9 stages of Family Life Cycle the website would most attract and why. Describe the site, provide the URL, and detail the items that match the Family Life Cycle.

    1. Single
    2. Newlywed with no children
    3. Full nest Stage 1, has children, youngest under 6
    4. Full nest stage 2, youngest child over 6
    5. Full nest stage 3, older married couple now. Has depedent children
    6. Empty nest stage 1, head of household still emplyed, no kids at home
    7. Empty nest stage 2, HOH retires
    8. Solitray survivor - one of the couple passes away, survivor continue to work
    9. Retired solitary survivor-survivor retire, no kids at home

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    I found the following site.

    PGA Insurance Options

    This site is for people of all ages. It helps individuals find the best insurance coverage for their specific needs and based on where they are in their life (e.g. first time parents, first time home buyers, seniors entering retirement etc.) It provides assistance in lowering financial debt, obtaining medical coverage and creating helpful individual and family budgets. It will even assist those looking to start their own business ...

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