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Marketing Strategies for Household Life Cycles

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Pick two (2) stages in the household life cycle. Describe how your marketing strategy for the following would differ depending on which group was your primary target market.

-Broadway show

Describe two (2) types of activities or situations in which modeling is likely to occur. Justify your answers.

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I have completed an analysis for the three points in the problem. This analysis provides you with summarized information that will allow you to assimilate into answers to each point. References provided for review and justification of your answers. I would appreciate any feedback that you may have including letting me know if the information provided fufills your needs.

The American Society: Families and Households

First let's look at the household life cycles:
Seven stages of the family life-cycle
1. Pairing/marriage-new couples join families through marriage or living together
2. Childbearing-accepting new family members and making preparations
3. School-age children-providing security and emotional stability
4. Family with adolescent children-focus shifts from maturing teens to career and marriage
5. Family as 'launching ground'-developing relationships with adult children, health issues, reprioritizing life
6. Middle years-supporting older children with their own families, supporting aging parents, quality of life changes, retirement
7. Old age-preparation for own death and end of ...

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This solution is comprised of the various corporate marketing strategies that are suitable and effective fits for different family life cycle stages. The seven stages of the family life cycles are defined, providing the student with a clear path for determining what appropriate marketing strategies can used for any product a company is selling, and at which life cycle this product will more appealing to.

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Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 11,12, and 13, Pages 307-405. MBA

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