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Police Abuses: Excessive Force

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Neubauer, David W. (2001) Debating crime: Rhetoric and reality. Belmont, CA:
Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

Take a stand on this controversial topic: Develop a persuasive argument as to whether or not excessive force is systematic problem. Argue one of these viewpoints:
* Excessive use of force is a systematic problem.
* Excessive use of force is not a systematic problem.

Identify and incorporate statistics on police brutality from Debating Crime, and a reputable Internet source. Support your argument with these statistics.

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On Excessive Use of Force

NAACP research shows that 'any use of force' among police is a relatively rare event occurring less than 1% at any contact. The problem rises however when force is sanctioned. For instance, in a police warranted raid or confrontations 35% of the events in 2006 were judged to be 'excessively forceful'. Is it a systematic problem? The fact that 90% of police officers currently serving agree that front-line supervisors are needed to keep 'forceful officers' in check is an indication. A recent survey responded upon by police officers show that 60% of the respondents feel that they do not feel at times obliged to report serious abuse of authority among their colleagues further drive home the point. 25% of these respondents also feel that the backlash from whistle blowing is at times too harsh ...

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The Solution provides a viewpoint to a position in the current debate on the use of excessive force in police brutality using the ideas from Neaubauer's Criminology textbook.

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