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    Impact of improper or excessive use of force

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    I need help with an in-depth analysis of the contemporary criminal justice issue (Improper or excessive use of force)
    This analysis should identify factors contributing to the issue by examining the criminological theories behind it. Specifically, what criminological theory forms your understanding of the issue? Indicate the impact of this issue on the criminal justice system. For example, how does the issue impact law enforcement, the courts, and corrections?
    Address the negative impacts of the issue on the criminal justice system, the general public, and specific populations. Then, identify the strategies to influence change. Be sure to include cited references.

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    We consider improper or excessive use of force. The factors that cause it can be explained with the help of criminology theories. Rational choice theory explains that if the police felt that swift, and proportionate action against the perpetrator was a deterrent to the crime, the risks of excessive use of force outweigh possible benefits. The excessive use of force will deter the perpetrator. According to the routine activity theory, the user of excessive force is motivated, the victim is the defendant, and there is lack of capable guardian. In this case the supervisor of the policeman using excessive force is lacking at the spot who would witness excessive use of force, intervene, or take action against the perpetrator. According to the social conflict theory the state is the instrument of the dominant class and the police is an instrument of such class (c). Through police brutality the status quo of ...

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