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Personal Ethical Standard

You are a prison guard supervising a tier. One of the inmates comes to you and asks a favor. Because he is a troublemaker, his mail privileges have been taken away. He wants you to mail a letter for him. You figure it's not such a big deal; besides, you know he could make your job easier by keeping the other inmates on the tier in line. What would you tell him?

* Explain what you would do in the situation above.

* Identify the major ethical system to which your answer most closely relates.

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As explained by the situation, the prison culture at times allows for a certain kind of behavioural patterns in terms of inmates according to the pecking order. It is unavoidable with no legal provisions not allowing it therefore prison gangs can wield power within the environment of a prison and at times due to the prestige & reach of fear or capacity to harm or allow favours for inmates, prison gangs take a life of its own as a sub-authority within the felon population.

Favours are revoked and ...

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The solution answers a situational case problem provided in the post by using the ethical theory of utilitarianism to justify actions. The situational problem set within a jail/penal system & analysis the moral worth of the decisions based on it by looking at the consequences of the actions taken.