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Label theory

1) Briefly explain learning theory.

2) Discuss briefly the use of label theory to explain juvenile delinquency. What are the racial implications of the theory?

3) Evaluate the concepts of shaming and restorative justice.

4) Define control theory, and compare the contributions of Reiss, Reckless, and Hirschi.

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1. Learning theory is a concept that takes different approaches in understanding how information is acquired and utilized in a specific environment. Formal learning takes place in specific learning environments, while task learning takes place during the practice of a skill or in performing an activity. More recent focus has moved to learning as a process, with different approaches. The four approaches proposed by Merriam & Cafarella (1991) are behaviorist orientation, cognitive orientation, humanistic orientation and social/situational orientation. Each of these orientations focuses on a different pathways related to the learning process.

2. Label theory is the idea that if someone is told or made to believe something about themselves, they will eventually think of themselves in this manner, through a process known as conditioning. Formal labeling is that which is used by professionals, such as psychologists, social workers and ...

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Label theory is explicated.