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Social Deviance Theory and Developmental Theory

Please help developing a response to the the following topic:
Social Deviance Theory and Developmental Theory.

Please help with comparing and contrasting the two theories. I am having trouble discussing their similarities and differences.

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Social Deviance Theory is not a criminology-based theory in the sense of only representing one theoretical framework, but rather several different theories that attempt to explain deviant behavior in society. Any behavior that is in contrast to the social norms set forth by society is considered deviant. Therefore, behavior that could be legal, but unsavory in the eyes of society is also considered as deviant as criminal behavior. Social deviance theories attempt to explain why people engage in deviant behavior by analyzing different variables that could contribute to deviance such as family, socioeconomic status, environment, etc. Entailed within this framework of analysis in regard to social deviance theories is the notion that children learn through development and those who are reared in households that either lack good ...

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The solution discusses the social deviance theory and the developmental theory.