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    Islam and Its Counterparts

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    Please help me with the given question:

    Please provide an overview of Islam's central doctrine and background history.

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    The Islam central doctrine indicates that there is one God (Allah) and that Muhammad was merely a messenger (or prophet) of God. Although Jesus and His miraculous ways are acknowledged, the divinity of Jesus is very much rejected by Islam, as is the Trinity. Moreover, although the Islamic religion recognizes Moses and Jesus as prophets, Muhammad's message is thought to be God's final revelation. Given the fact that Muhammad's message is God's last word, it is thought that everyone should convert to Islam, the most perfect revelation of God's will. Perhaps this has something to do with its rating as the second largest and fastest growing religion.

    In order to be delivered and accepted by God, Muslims believe that one must follow a very unambiguous ...

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    This solution provides an overview of Islam's central doctrine and insight into the Islamic religion. It also highlights some of its similarities with Christianity.