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emergence of radical Islam

Can you please help me understand how the advance of secularism has contributed to the emergence of radical Islam. Please list references I can refer to also.

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Secularism was a way in which the separation of "Church and State" takes root. Secularism is the ideology that the "state is neither engaged in promoting specific religious beliefs and values, nor uses its powers and offices to persecute religion," this statement sounds good in theory however from years past to present we know that the government is not as separated from the church as they claim to be. For instance, the government tries to control whether or not a Muslim is allowed to pray. F.Y.I. Muslims are not the only religious organization that has dealt with limitations on religious practices and freedom, for example, Christians have also dealt with issues from the government and/or the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in which case they work towards removing everything that makes mention of the name of God or Jesus Christ for example, the ...

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