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Qualitative Research Hand Coding

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Can anyone help me with coding the information concerning an interview? I am conducting a qualitative study mini-project. Since coding is a way of organizing data so that it is easier to analyze and recognize trends, I have to hand code data gathered from one of the interviews conducted. I have attached a copy of the hand coding I have done. I am not sure whether I understand what I am doing. Can someone help me with this? (See Attached).

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After looking over your interview data, it appears you have a good understanding of hand coding. I have provided the following references; the last two are specific to color coding.

Gibbs and Taylor (2005) describe hand coding as the process of marking passages of text with a code label in order to easily retrieve the data at a later time for further analysis. Hand coding makes it easier to compare, analyze and identify patterns for future research.

According to Saldana (2008) a hand code in qualitative research symbolically represents a word or short phrase based on visual or verbal data. There are approximately 29 hand coding ...

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This solution contains descriptions and examples of hand coding data for analysis. Supplemented with over 350 words including references, this solution helps provide a better understanding of why coding is used to analyze data.

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