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    Cross Cultural Leadership

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    Provide a summary of attached article: "Leaders and values: A cross-cultural study" (Sarros & Santora, 2001). Thank you.

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    An interesting study. Let's take a closer look.


    The purpose of the article "Leaders and values: a cross-cultural study" (Sarros & Santora, 2001) is "to examine the linkages among leadership behaviors and value orientations of business executives" (p. 243).

    The authors used a quantitative study to examine the value orientations of executives and their linkages to leadership behaviors. Specifically, 181 executives were randomly selected from the top 500 Australian companies. The data collection method was the Leadership and Values Survey (LVS) and SVS (Schwartz, 1992) to measure values. For the LVS, the authors reported the reliability scores using Cronback reliability coefficient which ranged from .62 to .83. For thre values measure the reliability scores ranged from .45 to .79. The authors compared value orientations of Australian executives compared with their Russian, Japanese, and Chinese counterparts from an earlier study (Ralsten, et al (1997).

    They found as many similarities as well they did differences. The major finding was that executives whose values are grounded in fundamental human values such as benevolence (good will) and honesty; but ...

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    This solution provides a summary of attached article: "Leaders and values: A cross-cultural study" (Sarros & Santora, 2001).