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Suicide Counseling

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A high school sophomore has been found lying on the floor of a restroom at school. She has significant cuts on her wrists and is bleeding. A teacher was alerted by the girl who found the student. The teacher called 911, and the ambulance arrived and took the student to the hospital.

1. Indicate how and why you think they may be impacted.
2. Explain the need for response/counseling services and categorize each identified person as a 1, 2, or 3 (1 = highest priority, 2 = as soon as possible, 3 = when you are able).

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(1). Identify all the people directly affected by the attempted suicide of a student while at school.

Suicide is a cry for help, while some suicides may be impulsive, most often it is a progression that goes through several stages. Usually, the method chosen for suicide indicates serious attempts to take one's own life. For example, the cutting of wrists is noted as a serious attempt of suicide in which some form of cutting may have been committed previously, and is a serious attempt to end one's own life. For example, Matsumoto, Imamura, Chiba, Katsumata, Kitani, & Takeshima (2008) notes that self-cutting often is performed without suicidal intent; however non-fatal self-injury is an important risk factor for the ...

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This solution discusses a specific case study related to attempted suicide

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