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Cultural influence on substance abuse and addiction

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Provide a comparison (similarities and differences) of the impact of two different cultures on substance abuse and/or addiction. Use specific examples to illustrate how elements of each culture may have an impact on particular aspects of substance abuse and/or addiction.

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The solution below should get you started. In this particular problem you are being tasked to select and explore 2 specific cultures with a particular focus on their influence towards addiction and substance abuse. This means looking at cultures in terms of 'ethnic' (i.e. African-American, Native-American, Hispanic) or subculture lines (i.e. rock culture, Goth culture). I would suggest an example from both so that you represent 2 manifestations. I suggest this outline:

1. Intro - what is your response about?
2. Culture 1
3. Culture 2
4. Similarities and differences

You can use the listed resources to further the topic.


Culture and addiction

What is culture? Culture is that set of practices, belief systems, language, mores and traditions shared by a group of people who find membership in a collective that see themselves as singular in terms of the identity the shared set creates. People who see themselves as members of that culture use that culture as a reference point as well as an important confirmation and contributory element to who they are - their identity. Culture can come in many forms but we recognize it both as either one of ethnic persuasion (i.e. Spanish, American, Asian) or some form of sub-cultural movement (i.e. rock culture, Goth culture). Since culture dictates standards and modes of practices and living, it would be of interest to look into how culture affects lifestyle choices, particularly the problem of substance abuse and addiction. Here I have decide to look into the 2 manifestations of culture by looking at an ethnic (Native American) and subculture (Rock music) set of influences. In this manner, the 2 manifestations are exemplified in terms of how as a set of practices they have elements that can move members towards addiction and substance abuse.

Native Americans

There are around 2.5 million Native Americans in the US population registered. As an indigenous ...

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