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Four types of management teams

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Describe the similarities and differences among cross-functional, self-managed, top management, and virtual teams. Personal opinion please!

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A discussion of four types of management teams: cross-functional, self-managed, top management, and virtual teams

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Management Teams

1. Cross-functional: These teams are made up of people with various skills and perspectives from different departments . The results can be very effective as they provide a whole picture solution, high objectivity in analysis of problem, ability to offer comprehensive options and approaches. Often they are high energy and dynamic teams. The disadvantage is that they can be problematic to lead as often conflict will occur as people have different opinions and viewpoints and compromises cannot be made. The leader must have good communication skills so to resolve conflict , avoid misunderstandings and rumor spreading. A good leader for these types of teams need to foster, honesty, trust and respect for each other's roles, views and contributions. This ...

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