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Architecture and Human Behavior

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Architectures Effects on Human Behavior

Describe the environmental psychological implications of commercial and
Residential design, including purpose and considerations.

Please include citation and reference.

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Human behavior can be affected by architectural design because most people are influenced by visual stimuli; however, not everyone is affected in the same way. A person's environment can affect their health, behavior, attitude, emotion, and mood. Roger Barker hypothesized that a person's environment can directly influence their behavior. His study on the lives of children showed that a child's behavior changes dramatically depending on the type of environment they are in. For example, a child acts differently at school then they act at home, at daycare, at church, or even at a friend's house. When a school is designed, the architect generally takes into consideration, what type of environment it needs to have a calming effect on a child (1). The design ...

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This solution discusses the role architecture plays in human behavior, in the classroom, the workplace, and at home.