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Testing Prior to Hiring Process

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Recent hiring trends in business include giving personality and interest tests prior to hiring. The stated purpose of administering these tests is to eliminate subjectivity from the hiring process and place all candidates on equal footing. How successful has this process of giving personality and interest tests been in reducing or eliminating subjectivity from the hiring process? Are these tests really a mask for prejudice or discrimination? Why or why not?

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It would appear that the process of giving personality and interest tests does not significantly eliminate subjectivity from the hiring process, largely due to the fact that many employers utilize the interview as a strong indicator as to the suitability of an individual for filling a particular job opening. In addition, many times due to the large amount of work that human resource individuals are faced with, they often don't have the time to adequately analyze the personality and interest tests that were given to applicants. This creates a situation where the personality ...

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