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Is something sexual harassment?

In this example do see this as sexual harassment or not and could you describe why you think the way you do? I myself do not see this as sexual harassment. However, letâ??s switch the gender of the people involved, would you describe whether or not this changes your view on whether or not it is an example of sexual harassment?

Lucy works on the assembly line at an auto parts factory. She eats lunch in the company break room every day. Because most of the workers are men, the walls of the break room are adorned with swimsuit pictures of women. Although the photos and the conversations they generate make Lucy very uncomfortable, she doesnâ??t complain to her supervisor. Eventually she starts skipping lunch to avoid the atmosphere in the break room. As a result, she begins to have trouble staying alert on the line.

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I judge this as sexual harassment. Because this room is a break room, it is one that all employees are deemed to have equal access to. The very nature of the photographs and the conversation generated from the photographs can be deemed sexual harassment, since the level of the discomfort could be deemed as coming from a sexual issue.

The term "bullying" which is mentioned in the term "sexual harassment" can be construed from the phrase in the example: "Although the photos and the ...

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Sexual harassment in a situation where men are around material that "most" men are aroused or pleased by.