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    Quantitative mock research prospectus

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    Help! I need to create a quantitative mock research prospectus. It has to be 12 pages (APA) in length and supported by 8 scholarly sources (references from academic journals, not books) APA cited.

    The required components for the prospectus are as follows:

    1. Topic Area and Statement of Significance
    The topic is on Leadership in the workplace. I believe that corporations who value healthy leadership practices and support leadership growth have higher employee engagement and a strong culture. I need a statement of significance in one or two paragraphs.

    2. Research Question and Hypothesis
    Select a research question that would be appropriate from the topic. Note the research question, as well as the null and alternative hypotheses. Be sure to identify the independent and dependent variables you are studying.

    3. Research Method
    Clearly state why a quantitative method would be appropriate given your research question(s), and clearly state the type of method (quasi- or experimental) you propose to use, citing the course text as appropriate.

    4. Research Design
    Include the following information in this Research Design section:

    a. Population.
    Define the population you propose to study and its characteristics. This should include, but is not limited to: 1) age; 2) gender; 3) ethnicity; 4) additional cultural factors; and 5) education level. Justify our choice of population to study.

    b. Sampling.
    Define your method of sampling the population (for example: random, convenience, etc.). State how you would gain access to the participants. Justify your choice of sampling method.

    c. Procedures.
    Describe the treatment(s), conditions, intervention(s), etc. Explain and justify your choices.

    d. Measures.
    Briefly describe the measures you will use to assess the predictor and the outcome. For example, if you are measuring motivation, you will describe briefly and provide a reference for a motivation scale. Explain how the measures adequately operationalize the constructs they measure.

    e. Ethical protection of participants.
    Describe any ethical issues you foresee with your study. Make a preliminary assessment of the level of risk associated with participation in your study that might need to be raised with the Institutional Review Board.

    f. Validity.
    Discuss ways in which the results of your study may not be valid, i.e., discuss the problems and limitations in your design that may lead to misleading results.

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    Topic area and statement of significance:
    Prosperity and progression are essential components in business operations. (Initializing the statement of significant with a broad point will yield the ability to enter into the project with a fluid approach). Providing an environment of positive employee engagement offers a platform for success. Achieving employee engagement is no easy feat however. (Here you would discuss your point). Corporations that value healthy leadership practices and strong leadership growth have a higher employee engagement and a strong positive business culture. (Then you would want to provide a purpose for this assertions; why does it matter?; what will it do for companies? It was somewhat proposed if you follow the introduction I presented in this sample but you will want to offer more detailed support and adding a source support would enhance your point of view).

    Research questions and hypothesis:
    Example: The higher value a corporation places on healthy leadership practices and strong leadership growth the higher employee engagement will be and there will be a higher positive business culture. Alternatively, corporations that have low employee engagement and limited or negative business culture will invest minimal time and effort on leadership growth and place limited weight on healthy leadership practices.
    What constitutes healthy leadership practices?
    What is involved in a ...

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    A template for a quantitative mock research prospectus is presented.