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    The Doctoral Prospectus and Chair Request Form

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    College of Management and Technology School of Management
    Prospectus and Faculty Chair Request Form

    After reviewing the DBA program FAQ sheet and the DBA Prospectus/Chair Request form:
    1. List the questions that you have about completing the Prospectus/Chair Request form.
    2. State what challenges do you anticipate in completing the prospectus and how will you overcome them?

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    In review of the attached DBA Program FAQ Sheet and DBA Prospectus/ Chair Request form, the analysis presented additional questions to query for a further understanding to required information being provided on the form. Let's take a look at the core areas that raises questions for understanding I completing the DBA Prospectus/ Chair Request form based /utilizing the FAQ sheet:

    1. List the questions that you have about completing the Prospectus/Chair Request form.

    By analyzing the sections of the DBA Prospectus/Chair Request form, the insurgent of questions should arise for further understanding to effectively completing the form. Additionally, the method to eliminating sections that weigh more than other sections to influencing acceptance of the board should acquire more time. For instance, the sections that require more of a focused answer require a thought provoking response or a detailed ...

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