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Discussion of Aggression

Aggression is verbal or physical behavior intended to cause harm. It is difficult to think that we participate in aggressive behavior, and yet we all do at some level and at some point in our lives.

Question: We know that no one theory is ever completely accurate in describing a behavior - especially one as complex as aggression. However, which one do you feel is most accurate? Why?

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Let's take a closer look. I also added an excerpt at the end of this response for further consideration.

Which one do you think is most accurate? Each theory (Freud, biological and social learning theories) has some empirical evidence to support it, perhaps with the exception of Freud's (least accurate) instinct theory of aggression, so each theory has some grounds to claim accuracy. Like Freud, biological theory of aggression focuses on internal mechanism of aggression, but unlike Freud, it adds important internal aspects of aggression to consider.

In terms of empirical support, the social learning theory of aggression seems to be the most well supported and well documented theory. As well, its application is inclusive, as it is applicable to women and men, girls and boys and people of different age age levels. As well, it keeps up with new developments and knowledge about aggression, as it has been continually modified and developed for more than 40 years. For example, unlike Freud and the biological theory, social learning theory looks to the environment instead of attributing aggression to an internal mechanism. In this theory aggression is learned through reinforcement or through the social modeling of aggression. It is ...

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