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    Childhood Violence Article: Summary, Quote Analysis, Connect

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    See the following article and help with the following:
    Tremblay, R. E., Nagin, D. S., Séguin, J. R., Zoccolillo, M., Zelazo, P. D., Boivin, M., ... & Japel, C. (2004). Physical aggression during early childhood: Trajectories and predictors. Pediatrics, 114(1), e43-e50.

    - short summary of the article (100 words)
    - relate the information to work, social or home life. (100 words)
    - pick a quote and explain why it is important (75 words)

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    Article Summary

    Physical aggression in young children is a significant problem due to the impact on both victims and on themselves. This study is designed to discover the paths of physical aggression in early childhood, as well as factors that might predict such aggression. This article begins by outlining the methods of the study. Then, the results of the study are discussed and three found trajectories of physical aggression in the sample: children who displayed little or no physical aggression (28%), children who followed a rising path of slight aggression (58%), and those with a rising path of high physical aggression ...

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    This solution summarizes an article on childhood violence and aggression, analyzes a quote, and forms a real-life connection.