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    Stepwise Multiple Regression for Aggression

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    I have completed a Linear Multiple Regression in the SPSS and I need help with interpreting and writing the results using the APA format. The dataset (Child Aggression.sav) is from the Field's text. The variable used is Aggression (DV), to test to see if Sibling Aggression is a mediator of the relationship between Parenting Style and Aggression or whether Sibling Aggression is a moderator of the relationship. The information is below and the dataset and Output from SPSS is attached.

    A study was carried out to explore the relationship between Aggression and several potential predicting factors in 666 children who had an older sibling. Variables measured were Parenting style (high score = bad parenting practices), Computer Games (high score = more time spent playing computer games), Television (high score = more time spent watching television), Diet (high score = the child has a good diet low in harmful additives), and Sibling Aggression (high score = more aggression seen in their older sibling). Past research indicated that parenting style and sibling aggression were good predictors of the level of aggression in the younger child. All other variables were treated in an exploratory fashion. The other variables were treated in an exploratory fashion. The data are in the file Child Aggression.sav. I need to analyze them with multiple regressions.

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    This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of Step-wise Multiple Regression. The detailed solution is provided for testing of interceptor, slope in regression analysis. Null and alternative hypothesis defined in Hypotheses sections, results is discussed in apa format as well as in simple language, discussion is done in last section of the solution. All the SPSS syntax and output is provided at the end.