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Clarify open-ended and close-ended questions in counselling

Give one example of an open-ended question and one example of a closed-ended question that a counselor would ask a client. Then, briefly describe circumstances in which he /she would use each, and explain why. Finally, suggest one follow-up question for each that would add value to a counseling session, and explain why. Be specific.Please include references in APA. Please refer to this resource Knapp, H. (2007). Therapeutic communication: Developing professional skills. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. It appears to me that you are being asked to provide samples of open and close ended questions. To make them make sense, we need to have a 'situation' each where they would apply. Also, for each, we need to provide follow-up questions. Since we are supposed to be specific here, I think it would be best to create a 'situation'. This is what I have done below. The outline is as follows:

1. Sample Case - around 200 words.
2. Open-ended question - what is its purpose? What are the follow up questions? Around 200 words.
3. Close-ended question - same as in #2 above. Around 200 words.
4. Discuss the value of both types of questions to counselling as seen in your example. This will be your summary. Around 100 words.

Using the outline above, I have written a narrative for you below that should get you started with this assignment. You can also use the listed resources to explore this topic further. Good luck with your studies.

OTA 105878Xenia Jones

The Case/Situation

Casey is 13 and is suffering from depression. Her parents have just gone through a difficult divorce and her mother now has custody. She feels that she is the reason why her parents divorced and the burden of their broken family - her own mother's difficulties, her younger brother's constant asking of the whereabouts of their father - they have come to affect Casey's moods and self image. She has increasingly locked herself in her room, has become disinterested in ...

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The solution provides an example of open-ended and closed question as could be used in counselling. Follow ups for each are also included. An explanation of the purpose of each question is provided as well as an outline. Resources are listed for the purpose of discussion, a Word version is also attached.