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You make an excellent point about using open-ended questions

You make an excellent point about using open-ended questions. In the course of performing a review of an operational loss at the bank, I would first send out a questionnaire to the person responsible for posting the loss. The questionnaire I developed is intentionally designed to be open-ended with the hope that the person will provide more information than I even need. My concern was that, if I made the questionnaire too specific, I would end up with very brief answers or would somehow end up leading the person into an answer. If I need more specific information after reading the questionnaire responses, I follow up with the person directly. The questionnaires also give me good background into the situation before I call them so that I can ask more intelligent questions (which also might be open-ended).

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The Association for Certified Fraud Examiners actually teaches the same method, as do the other agencies that certify fraud examiners. The same basic method of using open-ended questions is also taught to psychologists, and law enforcement personnel. When you pose a close-ended question, it ...

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The solution discusses using open-end questions in an interview.