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    methodological implications in measuring sexual arousal in humans

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    What methodological implications are there in measuring sexual arousal in humans? This job explores this dilemma.

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    Few would dispute the practical and theoretical importance of sex. However, human sexuality has nevertheless been relatively ignored by psychophysiologists. The experiments which have been conducted mainly investigate any sex differences between males and females during sexual arousal (Geer, 1980), this is a major area of interests and many studies have found that sexual behaviour is strongly influenced by gender (Kinsey, 1953).

    Sexual arousal is a complex phenomenon influenced by stimuli, cognition, biomedical factors and personality characteristics. Several experiments have found that there is an increased activity in the right hemisphere during sexual arousal, and many sexual responses are mediated by the 'autonomic ...

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    Research is cited to account for methodological implications in measuring sexual arousal in humans.