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best research methods on sexual offenders

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I have a different type of research to do on sexual offenders. I need to know if a Likert scale is a good method of using on them? I want to look to see if other studies had used this method or not? I want to find out if there is another method to find out if a sexual offender will repeat his action again?

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This solution offers the best research methods on sexual offenders. The explanation is given in 374 words.

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A Likert-type scale isn't an unreasonable approach to use. The more important thing to ensure is that your questions are valid (i.e., they assess what you want them to assess) and reliable (i.e., they consistently return the same answer for the same person). Validity and reliability depend more on the way the question is phrased than on the way you measure the answer. Likert scales have some nice advantages, such as the fact that they can give you a continuum in the range of answers (from strongly agree through a middle ground to strongly disagree) instead of ...

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