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Rules for Brainstorming and Problem Solving

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I am taking Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Methods. What is brainstorming? And, when a person brainstorms ideas in the goal setting phase of the problem solving model, what are the guidelines that a person should follow? Please provide several perspectives with references.

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This solution explains brainstorming and the guidelines to use when brainstorming ideas in the goal setting phase of the problem-solving model.

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1. What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a problem-solving technique that involves creating a list that includes a wide variety of related ideas (www.library.arizona.edu/rio/glossary.htm). Thus, brainstorming is part of the problem solving process and encourages a person to go beyond "the box". Alternative choices often make a person more open minded to other possibilities and often results in better goals and solutions to the problem.

According to Steege (1999), brainstorming includes the following:

1. Convergent thinking- Choosing among many options to reach a conclusion. Creative Problem Solving- A process which provides an organizing framework for generating new and useful outcomes or actions, using both divergent and convergent thinking.
2. Divergent thinking- Generating many possible ideas or options in response to an open question or challenge.
3. Facilitator- The person charged with the responsibility of providing the process expertise for a Creative Problem Solving session.
4. Freewheel- To encourage all ideas, even those that might seem wild, silly or outrageous. One of four guidelines for divergent thinking. http://www.buffalostate.edu/orgs/cbir/readingroom/html/Steege-99.html

2. When a person brainstorms ideas in the goal setting phase of the problem-solving model, what are the guidelines that a person should follow?

Rules for Brainstorming

1. Set a time frame to be completed
2. Be clear what ...

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