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    Developing Effective Problem Solutions Expeditiously

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    What would be the steps the manager should follow in order to achieve specific and effective solutions in a short time period?

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    One of the first steps that a manager should follow in order to get specific and effective solutions in a short time is to conduct a situational analysis in order to ascertain the specifics and/or characteristics of the problem to be solved, in order to ascertain what exactly needs to be accomplished in order to gain the positive outcomes that are desired for the organization etc. The next step that a manager should follow is to develop a focused and specific mission objective in respect to a problem to be solved etc., or to develop a set of mission objectives. This will provide the manager with a clear and concise purpose for solution ...

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    This 425 word solution describes, in extensive detail, the steps that managers should take in order to develop effective solutions to problems in an expeditious manner. It includes an explanation of how to effectively employ various methodologies to quickly solve problems.