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Ways a Person Reacts to Stress

For each situation, this job describes a healthy, alternate way of reacting to stress. It also lists why one would consider the approach healthy. It also identifies two possible moderators of stress for each situation:

1.Every morning, as she prepares for her two-hour drive to work, Carole gets a headache.

2. Jim hates attending meetings at which he might be asked a question. His hands begin to shake at the thought of not having the right answer.

3. Lori's stomach hurts constantly. Lori was married eight months ago, is expecting her first child in five months, and just started a new job after finishing her graduate degree.

4. Dalene feels paralyzed with two choices: (a) stay in a job where the boss is overbearing and abusive, but where she has a steady paycheck or; (b) pursue a business opportunity and risk the security of a steady paycheck.

5.Harold sees his coworkers as inconsiderate, unsupportive, and lazy. He hates his job.

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1. Carole needs to analyze if the headaches are due to the physical stress of driving in which case she could opt for public transport. If she does not have a healthy breakfast before starting, then this habit would need to change. If the reason is purely psychological where she does not tnjoy the driving, she could play soothing music in her car, play some educational tapes through which she could learn some thing new like a new language etc. She could also pool the car withsomeone commuting the same distance. The company would take away the focus on the headachem These would moderate the stress of driving.

2. Jim needs to be very well prepared for the meetings. He could ask for the agenda in advance and prepare his facts and figures accordingly. This is healthier than ...